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/// Accidental Rental Damage Protection - ARDP

AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Offers

AvenueWest is pleased to offer an alternative to tying up your cash in a security deposit and at the same time offering you peace of mind because sometimes, things just happen.

  • No Cash Deposit
  • No Charges for Accidential Damage up to $3,000

We offer all of our tenants the choice to purchase an Accidental Rental Damage Protection plan in lieu of a large up front security deposit. We urge you to consider purchasing this fine plan to cover your rental unit.

A one-time, non-refundable charge of $69 will cover the leasee up to $3,000 of accidental damage to the rental unit for up to 90 days. If your stay is longer than 90 days, then another charge of $69 will need to be processed for the next 90 days of your stay (if applicable). This protection program will also cover pet damages as long as the pet is disclosed beforehand and included in the signed lease documents.

You must notify your leasing agent of any damage or theft to the unit during your occupancy, or this plan is void and you will be held responsible for any damage to the unit.

/// What is the Accidental Rental Damage Protection Plan (ARDP)?

ARDP is a protection plan that provides coverage for accidental damages to your rental property during your stay, in place of a security deposit.

Why purchase the ARDP plan?

  • With ARDP, you no longer have to worry about putting up a security deposit or how much will be returned when you get home.
  • Return home with memories, not repair costs. When you include the ARDP with your reservations, the cost and repair of covered accidental damage will be handled on your behalf by the local AvenueWest office.
  • Stay balanced. The ARDP plan can save you from tying up your credit card with a hefty authorization.

What does the ARDP plan cover?

  • ARDP covers unintentional damage to your rental property during your stay.
  • Staying in a pet-friendly home? ARDP provides coverage for damage caused by pets!

What is not covered by the ARDP plan?

  • Intentional property damage.
  • Pet damage in non-pet friendly homes.
  • Please see the Description of Coverage for full terms and conditions.

How do I include the ARDP plan?

  • Notify your Account Executive prior to signing the lease that you wish to purchase the ARDP plan.

Contact your local AvenueWest office for more details - 1-800-928-1592.

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